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This course will provide an insight into the Travel & Tourism Industry. The course contains details of different components of the industry such as Airlines, Hotels, Car Rental Organizations, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, GSAs, PSAs, GDS Organizations, Money-changers, Telephone Card sellers, Revenue Accounting organizations, Call Centres, Online Travel Agencies, On-line Tour Operators etc. This course will provide ideal overview of the T & T industry to those who aspire to work in this industry.

Course covers Civil Aviation only. Course contains History of Aviation Industry and its evolution, International organizations such as ICAO, IATA, SITA etc. It also explains various components of industry like Airports, Airlines, Ground Handlers, Revenue Accounts, ATC etc. & their functioning. One can get a fairly good amount of understanding about the Civil Aviation Industry. 

This course gives insight of the language used by the Aviation Industry people. It can provide various IATA, ICAO codes for Airports, Cities, Countries, Aircrafts, Airlines and it also gives a brief dictionary of words used in Aviation. This course also covers Travel Terminology which uses lot of typical words and phrases during operations. The course is useful to those who intend to get into Reservation & Ticketing area of the Airlines. Register for more information and take a tour of free sample chapter of the course. 

For Travel & during Travel, one needs various documents such as Ticket, Passport, Visa, Health Documents, Insurance, Hotel & Car Vouchers, Money-changing documents and many more. Understand these documents in detail and their importance. The course will answer many questions of not only students in Travel & Tourism but also regular travellers. 

When we check-in our baggage at airport with the airline, we pass on headache of taking this baggage till the destination airport. Even if we change the flight in between, the baggage still gets connected and reaches the destination airport and we collect it. Isn't it amazing? How this baggage is handled by airlines, is what this course is all about! It is ideal course for those who aspire to work in ground handling organizations at Airports. It will also provide peace of mind to air traveller who undergoes through this course. 

What is relation between Travel & Geography? How Geography affects the Travel, Travel fares? Understand scientific analysis of Geography with Travel perspective and its applications in calculating Airfares. Understand basic facts & figures, Global Indicators etc

Travel business is complex and full of information. Travel agent has to refer to various books of information on schedules, fares, routes, travel info etc to provide correct information to the clients. This course will provide detailed information on these books called as Travel Guides such as World Flight Guide, Global Rail Time Table, Air Passenger Tariff, Travel Information Manual (TIM) etc. The course is ideal for those who aspire to work for Travel Agents, Airlines etc. 

Travel Agent does not own an airline, hotel or a car rental organization, but agent still provides various services under one roof to the individual as well as corporate clients. How travel agencies work across the globe, what are their revenue models, how agents survive in competitive environment etc. is explained in this course in detail. This is an ideal course for those who aspire to be a Travel Agent or work for agencies. 

Why time is different at different places? What is Greenwich Meridian? What are time zones? What is International Date Line? Why do some countries follow Daylight Saving Time? What is Jet lag and how to overcome it? Get answers to all these questions on Travel and Time. Understand Geography of Time. This course will clear the fundamental concepts of the students in Travel & Tourism. It will also help frequent traveller to understand why he / she needs to change the time in the watch during travel. 

International Air Fares are result of complex calculations based on IATA's Air Fare rules and Formulae. Understand what these Rules & Formulae are and how fares are calculated for various types of routing. The course is ideal for those who would aspire to appear for IATA foundation Course. 

Learn everything about Car Rental Industry, Campers & self drive options, Know more about cruises, ferries, car ferries, train ferries, Types of Hotels, hotel tariffs and packages, understand more about tours and packaged tours. The course covers all the land arrangements in Tourism industry and enhances your knowledge to work for any tour operator, hotel or car rental outfit. 

There are over 200 scheduled airlines having their own CRS (Computerized Reservation System) which can be accessed by only airline staff. These CRSs are all proprietary systems and do not offer connectivity to millions of Travel Agents spread throughout the globe. Still all those agents get facility of instant reservation on their desktops not only for all those airlines but also for thousands of hotels, car rentals etc. How this works? Who provides technical and telecom Backbone? What is SITA and what is its role in CRS distribution? Get answers to such questions in this course. 

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